Focused Features

Focused Features

Calling line identification (CLI) application

CLI software has proven results in increasing contact rates as it naturally improves customer confidence in a call. Receiving a local call can mean the difference between a successful sale and a lost client.

Our bespoke software gives your advisers the freedom of operating as a local call. It works by displaying the geographical area close to each called party and optimises the call accordingly.

24 hour
support desk

If your business works around the clock, you’ll need a dialler system which has accessible technical support morning, noon and night. Our support desk is open 24 hours, seven days a week. If your business runs into a systems issue, we’ll be on hand to make sure it is fixed.

Simple, effective user interface

A user interface can make or break a piece of software. Your employees need to be able to become efficient users as soon as possible. By providing you with a user friendly and intuitive UI, you can be confident your employees can effectively use our software from day one regardless of their technical ability.

Up-to-date, reliable software

State of the art software is less attractive when you’re restricted by additional costs for further updates. Our software is updated regularly and is rolled out to all clients at no additional charge. Your business will never have to worry about lagging behind the competition due to using outdated dialler software.

Additionally, our service has been streamlined to ensure server stability of 99.9%. We understand the importance in maintaining stable servers and our capacity to provide you with reliable software is enabling the ability to generate sales.